Monday, February 8, 2010

My fish was THIS big....

Saturday was a decent day for a good ice fishing trip. I have been waiting for a day that wasn't too cold, windy, or wet to get Timbo out for his first time. Being a saturday, Tommy and Grandpa got to go too. Dad and I had been to this same spot a week and a half earlier, and had not only brought a nice trout or two home, but we also broke off one other really nice fish. This saturday, as dad was setting up the first rod, he hooked into something big, that broke the line right at the top line guide. Dad swings down, and grabs into the ice hole. Somehow, he grabbed the broken line, and started pulling up a fish. I went to help him, and, as I grabbed the fish, I ended up with a hook in my thumb. I noticed that this hook was not the one dad had been fishing with, but the jig that I lost in the big fish a week before. In other words, dad had caught the same fish. Here he is with the boys, and the fish, that ended up being 21", around 4 lbs.
The boys took a LOT of time to throw snowballs! They had an absolute blast.
The last time we were here, the ice had been covered in slushy water. I set things up so that the kids could hang out in my sled, and play, to stay out of the water.

Timbo had a blast for his first trip!! Here he is checking a couple of the poles, or just running around!
And, the big one in the background is throwing snowballs and throwing himself in the snow!