Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: Tommy's b-day hunt!

Tommy really likes to tag along on duck hunting trips, and is really looking forward to his tenth birthday, when he can actually participate. This year, though, on his birthday, I was supposed to be taking my little brother, his father-in-law, and brother-in-law. Tommy still wanted to go with us, though, and was more than excited when I got him up at 4:45 in the morning to get dressed. At 5:00am, the designated meeting time, my brother called to say that he was almost to my house, but that his FIL was sick, and his BIL had been MIA that morning, so he was alone. Oh well, we'd be shooting for two limits of ducks instead of four. We made our way down to the mighty Snake River, and I started throwing out the decoys. As we were a little later than I'd hoped for, someone else got the best spot, but we got down to a pretty good hole - one where I limited out with three other guys on opening day last year. We got all set up, hid the truck, and got ready for the "opening bell," which was set for 7:33. At about 7:25, the group set up at the good spot up river, started blasting away - an insane round of fire that sounded like the opening of a war! I wasn't happy, I hate cheaters, and it was too dark to even see the birds flying! Anyway, my worries that it was too nice of a day, and there were too many people on the river were all soon quelled and we started putting some birds down. We ended the day at 10:00, so that Jake could get home to get his kiddos ready for Trick-or-Treats, with 5 widgeons, 2 mallards, and 1 gadwall. A great day! Tommy had a blast, and got to carry the birds to the truck, and pose for a picture or two! He's a good luck charm, for sure!