Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yep, I'm 30

Well it finally happened. I turned the big 3-0 last saturday. It was the best birthday ever! I got to go duck hunting with a bunch of friends (including my "little" brother, Jake) in the morning which turned out to be 3 1/2 hours of almost constant birds coming in. There were six of us in the blinds and it was only poor shooting that caused us to leave so many ducks flying. We had a beautiful decoy spread laid out, but none of us expected the flock sizes we saw trying to come into us and I think several bigger groups passed us up for not having enough of a "landing zone."

After hunting, Jake and I went to a local trap club where my ward's Elder's quorum had reserved the morning to shoot some clay pigeons. We had an excellent turn out and some of those that had never even fired a shotgun before were able to break some clay and have an absolute blast.

Next, Tommy and I watched a movie (meaning I napped while Tommy enjoyed a "cowboy movie" - he and I share a love for John Wayne flicks). Before we started the movie, though, Heidi had a surprise for me. The kids got me new duck hunting waders for my b-day. Aren't they cute? I can't wait for my next hunt to try them out.

Then we dropped the kids off with my little sister for a little while before they headed to Grammy and Papa's to spend the night. When I got back home, Heidi was already preparing dinner. We had a TON of fun making dinner together - bacon and potato chowder and snow crab legs - and a very nice candlelit meal. Without the kids, we got to bed early and slept in on Sunday morning. PERFECTION!!!

Just as I thought my b-day was over, I got the real shocker. After church on Sunday Heidi blindfolded me with a pink jacket (I can only imagine what people were thinking) and said she had one more birthday surprise. She drove around the entire town, I think, and then came to a stop and told me to take off the blindfold. We were at our own house, but there were cars everywhere and some joker had written on my front window. I might be a little slow, but I caught on when I read the window, "you're a member of the nerdy 30 club." Then I started to recognize cars and realized this was a party. Sure enough, Heidi had stolen my friends' phone numbers from my phone and had put together a big ole part-ay!!!

All said and done, it was the best birthday. I have the best family in the world - close and far! Thank you all and I love you.